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“We saw instant benefit realization. With C TWO, our automations just work!”

Nikki North, IA Product Owner

NewDay leveraged C TWO’s dynamic process orchestration and always-on monitoring to gain greater control and accelerate their hyperautomation journey.

NewDay’s COE was established in partnership with ISG in 2018. They have lean operations and a core team of developers focused on expanding automation-led projects to improve business outcomes for the institution.

Unfortunately, the NewDay team was spending a significant amount of time scheduling and overseeing robots to ensure task completion and stepping in to solve routine failures—derailing them from developing new automations. Nikki North, IA Product Owner, sought a solution that would automate the intensely time-consuming manual efforts of managing automations.

Reliable automations power resilient operations

One of the initial challenges Nikki set out to solve for her team was to eliminate the manual effort required to manage their 52 end-to-end processes that run more than 120,000 automations each month. Rather than add headcount, which would need to grow over time as their program did, to oversee robots she looked to C TWO.

The platforms’ ability to dynamically reprioritize tasks based on when work needs completed, coupled with continuous monitoring and automated L1 & L2 recovery was exactly what NewDay needed to ensure reliable operations and continue progressing along their hyperautomation journey.

Within 4 days, all 52 processes were onboarded to the platform and running effectively. “We saw instant benefit realization. With C TWO, our automations just work,” said Nikki. By the end of the first month, they were completely confident in the added layer of resiliency C TWO provided and removed all manual checks—including a Saturday rotation that was impacting team morale—enabling the team to maintain focus and increase automation output.

C TWO in action

‍Shortly after implementing C TWO, NewDay experienced a disruption in the service provided by one of their technology partners towards the end of a workday, which historically derailed operations for hours or days and required developers to drop everything to triage processes. Rather than needing the team to stay after hours, the C TWO platform dynamically reprioritized work and all processes were caught up within 2.5 hours—maintaining 100% SLA adherence. “With C TWO in place, it was as if the disruption had never happened.”—Nikki North


Balanced workloads lead to smarter scaling

While automation is a given in nearly all modern back-offices, it’s not always a given that organizations have operationalized their RPA to enable scaling. Instead, most companies start to experience growth, meaning as their automation numbers increase, so do their resources and infrastructure. And while this is sometimes necessary, it is often confused with scaling—the ability to increase automation output without equally increasing resources.

After monitoring workloads with C TWO dashboards and reports, the NewDay team identified an opportunity to rebalance when tasks run. They worked in two-week increments to shift tasks from peak operating hours to after-hour production queues with confidence knowing that C TWO could keep these processes on track without manual oversight. This subtle shift has noticeably increased bot utilization and freed up capacity to automate more without needing to purchase additional licenses.


C TWO in action

‍NewDay introduced a financial support offer for some of their more vulnerable customers in an effort to increase credit scores. This drove a 300% increase in expected volumes. Using C TWO’s Intelligent Orchestrator, they were able to run this process in all of the available capacity gaps to achieve on-time fulfillment and enrich the NewDay customer experience. “I can hand on heart say without C TWO, we would not have been able to manage such significant capacity, even with manual intervention, and we would’ve maybe had to reduce some of the numbers or back off a little bit on it,” said Nikki.

When analyzing utilization over 7 days, NewDay saw that operating the Blue Prism environment on its own required nearly 100% of their 20 licenses during standard business hours to accomplish the work (blue trend line). With C TWO’s Intelligent Orchestrator, they were able to do the same amount of work using nearly a third of the licenses during business-as-usual operations (orange trend line). When spikes in demand occurred, they still comfortably met SLAs (grey trend line).

NewDay’s partnership with ISG and adoption of C TWO have sparked a remarkable journey into hyperautomation. They’ve eliminated the headaches that persist with manual automation management and paved a path for future innovation. Their story is a powerful reminder that smart automation isn’t just about getting things done—it’s about ensuring stability, optimizing for effectiveness, and keeping customers happy.


NewDay is a financial services provider headquartered in London. They specialize in providing consumers credit—1 in 6 credit cards in the UK are issued by NewDay with 205 million transactions processed each year.

Industry: Financial Services

increase in capacity
4 days
to onboard all 52 processes