New investment will go towards R&D and growth, to continue helping organizations manage & optimize their digital workforces

We are delighted to announce that we have raised $5m in a Seed round led by MMC Ventures. We also welcome our newest board member and investor Pascal Baker, formerly founder of Symphony Ventures and pioneer in the Intelligent Automation Market. The investment will boost our innovation capabilities, feeding into Research & Development and expansion across EMEA and the US.

The Robot Process Automation (RPA) market where software technology automates digital tasks through robots has experienced rapid growth during the past 18 months. However, 30-50% of RPA projects fail. This often stems from the management of robots once deployed to production. Currently, organizations are forced to manually monitor, allocate schedules, and fix operational issues to make sure that business-critical work is done. This holds back scaling of RPA and increases total cost of ownership.

With robots taking on more manual tasks across different departments such as sales, HR, finance, and banking, it’s critical that the robot workforce is effectively managed. RPA Supervisor is a web-based platform which automatically orchestrates existing RPA solutions within an organization and provides management capabilities which are highly responsive – ensuring stable operations 24/7 without any human intervention. This reduces the amount of time spent on mundane tasks by up to 100%, and the response-times for incoming work by up to 80%.

Our advanced prioritization engine drastically optimizes RPA resources by monitoring all aspects of RPA operations, delivering insights and real time reporting to manage performance and stability of operations and speed up digital transformation projects. Through business-oriented orchestration, organizations can check the health, status and capabilities of robots, status and work rate for all processes, workload for each process and SLA adherence of each process and worker.

Clients across financial services, supply chains and retail have experienced results instantly. A European bank wanted to increase customer satisfaction while at the same time reducing the number of robots and time spent on manually managing these. Within the first week, the RPA license capacity increased by 62% and the average responsiveness of robots were improved by 84%, helping the bank to dramatically improve customer service levels and satisfaction. After only a few weeks, manual controller effort was reduced by 77%, reducing operational costs.

Whilst RPA vendors offer software to automate tasks, RPA Supervisor’s management platform automates operations & optimizes efficiency across platforms – driving scalability and digital transformation.

We partner with leading RPA Vendors such as UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere & Microsoft, along with Consulting and Reselling partners like EY, Accenture, CGI, Reveal Group, Avo Consulting, and Digital Workforce.

CEO Erik Lien comments, “Over the last few years, the appetite amongst private organizations to deploy RPA robots to streamline and automate processes in new working environments has skyrocketed. Now, organisations will need to scale these RPA capabilities to realize the full value of those investments. This requires efficient management, orchestration and insight into the performance of the robots. RPA Supervisor’s automation management platform delivers this level of operational excellence – transforming RPA operations and enabling organizations to scale efficiently.

“Once that scalability is achieved, the next level of automation is to connect employees, robots and AI to make them work as a team – otherwise known as hyperautomation. RPA Supervisor’s integration capabilities paired with dynamic orchestration makes it the only hyperautomation orchestrator to link employees, robots and AI solutions efficiently and effortlessly.”

Mina Samaan, Principal at MMC Ventures comments, “MMC is excited to be leading on this first institutional raise into RPA Supervisor. Over the past five years enterprises have made significant investment in RPA technology and this is continuing to accelerate.

This latest investment into RPA Supervisor supports our overarching enterprise software thesis – as RPA expands into other parts of the enterprise automation cycle, an orchestration layer will develop, and this will begin with RPA. This will help unlock additional ROI and further accelerate the deployment of robotic processes throughout the value chain.

Erik and his team are ambitious and seasoned experts in RPA. Their unique advantage is that they have direct experience of implementing RPA from a buyer’s perspective and can apply this knowledge to the development and sales process.”