The Italian Job: Intelligent Automation Congress

Intelligent Automation Congress – The Stage of Maturity

RPA Supervisor is thrilled to be participating alongside RPA Italy in a leading Intelligent Automation event in Milan, Italy – The Intelligent Automation Congress – from September 29th– 30th, 2021.

Market leaders worldwide face a new challenge in IntelligentAutomation and Robotic Process Automation: that of maturity.
The common goal? Manage and scale. The international event is a unique opportunity to hear from the most prominent figures in the industry – alongside key speakers and international sponsors.

‘The Stage of Maturity’ focuses on the challenges around management and scaling in automation intelligence – and what success looks like.

Our Board Member, Mike Laurenson, will be uncovering what it means for organizations to really break the early-stage barriers of adopting intelligent automation – and truly drive operational excellence. And how – in doing so – RPA Supervisor is creating a platform to scale like no other for hundreds of CoEs worldwide.

Join us to find out more!