Command Automations.
Control Outcomes.

C TWO optimizes your IA investment with event-driven orchestration and automated bot management.

Work gets done on time, every time without added cost or complexity.

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Trusted by Automationists at over 140 companies

C TWO gives you full command and control of your entire intelligent automation estate through a single pane of glass.

Dynamic orchestration and 24/7 automated support and maintenance ensures that business SLAs are always met. And with total visibility and real-time reporting of end-to-end processing – you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

"C TWO’s core functionality and dashboards are brilliant!"
"Our RPA bots are much more efficient. And support from the C TWO team is excellent!"
"C TWO is key to our operations."
"C TWO takes the effort away from managing day-to-day operations."
"C TWO dashboards allow our business people to see exactly what's happening with their processes."
"We have a clear control-room, we identify issues in nearly real-time and we can use our robots efficiently."
"We couldn’t manage our RPA program without C TWO!"
"Every day, we are asked to do more with less, and investing in an orchestration platform like C TWO is the easiest way to do just that!"
“In just 4 days we onboarded the processes of our 10 banks and improved response-time by 500%!”
“As business requirements shift, we can change SLAs on the fly — without affecting operations or our processes.”
"C TWO is a very powerful tool that helps us orchestrate 150 processes along 50 servers."
"C TWO takes our RPA to the next level."
"C TWO is a milestone for industrialization of RPA."
"C TWO dramatically improves our license utilization and SLA adherence and improves the job quality for our support team."
"C TWO has allowed us to shift from watching the control room to doing more value-added work."
"Setting up new processes with specific SLAs is a breeze and the flexible triggering capabilities is revolutionary!"
"C TWO is hands down the best product of its kind."
"C TWO provides fantastic outcomes for efficient daily scheduling and monitoring."

Without Intelligent Orchestration managing automation is costly, complex and labor intensive...

Manual scheduling isn’t dynamic enough to deliver business quality of service

RPA needs constant monitoring, and teams are over-burdened with support issues

Lack of visibility and insight breeds skepticism and slows innovation

A single pane of glass to command and control intelligent automation

Whether you are just launching your first RPA bots, managing a more mature intelligent automation tech stack, or exploring how Microsoft Power Platform can compliment your existing program, C TWO will boost resilience, improve ROI and simplify overall management so you can focus on driving business value.

Simplified management and total visibility. We C TWO it.

AI-Powered Orchestration

We dynamically prioritize and execute automations to meet all business deadlines. 

C TWO’s AI-Powered Orchestration continuously monitors bots and reprioritizes work to ensure SLAs are met on time, every time.

bot capacity increase
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Monitor automations

Keep automations running and get alerted when a fix is needed.

C TWO’s Automated Operations module automatically detects and resolves 90% of routine L0 & L1 failures. If an exception requires attention, your team gets notified immediately.

reduced manual effort
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Understand automations

Report on facts, not feelings. 

C TWO’s Insights and Analytics provides total visibility into program performance and highlights value to the business with a library of customizable reports.

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Expand automations

Automate more with easy-to-use connectors, APIs and HITL.

C TWO’s Integration Hub enables you to automate even the most complex processes with confidence. Further expand the art of the possible with cost-effective solutions like Microsoft Power Automate.

speed to innovation
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Customer stories

O2 Telefonica

Seamless Automation: Transforming RPA for Sustainable Growth

AI-Powered Orchestration and Automated Operations has delivered resilient automations while avoiding significant costs -- ensuring operations keeps pace with O2 Telefónica's growth.

increase in queue item handling
teammates upskilled to developers

“We now run highly efficient and fully automated robotic processes. No one wants to go back to watching and fixing robots.”

Klaus Paul, Senior Manager, Simplification

SHOW NEXT Medscheme

More stable robotic workforce drives service excellence

Medscheme, South Africa’s largest health risk management services provider, is successfully leveraging automation to help provide faster, higher quality service to the three million people they serve each year.

increase in claims processing
scaling potential

“C TWO helped us reduce overhead by ensuring more digital workers did the work effectively — without hiring more people to monitor them”

Wayne Pole, RPA Manager & CoE Leader

SHOW NEXT Newell Brands
Newell Brands

Dynamic scheduling doubles capacity

Newell Brands implemented C TWO's dynamic orchestration tool to maximize productivity and expand their digital workforce.

capacity increase
manual effort reduction

“As business requirements shift, we can change SLAs on the fly — without affecting operations or our processes”

Mark Robinson, IA Development Manager, Newell Brands


Reliable bot performance leads to overnight operational excellence

E.ON’s five customer service departments were independently implementing and operating Blue Prism’s RPA software.

SLA adherence
TCO savings

“The immediate impact from C TWO's implementation is its ability to automatically restart processes after interruptions - without any manual intervention”

Lars Niesporek, Systems & Operations Manager, E.ON

SHOW NEXT O2 Telefonica

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